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Cellvia Global Network Sdn. Bhd

Cellvia Global Network Sdn. Bhd

  • Creation Touch B.B

    Cellvia’s Creation Touch B.B is a sunscreen that has whitening and tightening properties as it contains human amniotic stem cell culture media.
    Moist and smooth application.
    Adheres evenly to the skin without clumping or getting caught in wrinkles during makeup.
    Makeup that is brighter than the original skin tone! It has a bright tone correction effects as if a ring light is on the skin.
    A different level of skin regeneration B.B cream containing human fat cell culture extract.

  • Barrier Calming Cream

    Barrier Calming Cream is a light but highly moisturizing cream that is suitable for daily usage and for sensitive skin.
    Maintains moist and elastic skin through high molecular weight hyaluronic acid and natural moisturizing factors (NMT for damaged skin)
    EWG green grade raw materials are used for all ingredients.
    Strengthens the skin barrier with sodium hyaluronate and centella asiatica extract.