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Return & Refund Policy

On theDeltus.com eCommerce Platform, we are committed to ensure user’s satisfaction. For your peace of mind and to ensure you are on the right platform for Beauty Products buying and selling activities, please refer to the Return & Refund Policy as below :


  1. Return
    • Return basically means give, put, or send (something) back to a place or person. Return policies are the rules retail merchants establish to manage the process by which customers return or exchange unwanted or defective merchandise that they have purchased previously. Return policies are an extension of the customer service retailers provide; they tend to be fairly liberal as a consequence.

  2. Refund
    • Refund is a process of paying back to Buyers who are not satisfied with products they purchase (with condition, whether the product is fake product, damaged product, or not the exact same product as what they see on theDeltus.com eCommerce platform)

Return & Refund Policy

  1. Supplier(s) in theDeltus.com will fulfill their own Inventory and ship through theDeltus.com’s appointed courier service company, which is DHL. Thus, complains and issues regarding Return matters shall be lodged directly to theDeltus.com management. We advise all communications in regards to Return and Refund to be communicated with us in order for us to keep track of any miscommunications, arguments and dissatisfaction
  2. Return & Refund are only meant to be replaced with the exact same product(s) ordered, or refund the exact same amount of money paid. Any extra cost related to Return and Refund matters will not be inclusive in (Ex : bank charges, courier service charges, etc.)
  3. For any Return and Refund, the original products delivered to you must be returned in its original packaging including the warranty card, original products received, packaging, boxes, tags, labels, etc
  4. Return & Refund policies are only Valid for 5 working days upon receiving your goods. To be safe and protected, check your product within 48 hours of receiving them.

Circumstances of Return & Refund

Only Circumstances below are allowed to apply for return :

  1. Products received does not match the shown and agreed specification (Ex : different material, wrong size, different packaging, etc.)
  2. Products delivered to Buyers is damaged and/or defective (Ex : expired product, damaged package, etc.)
  3. Products received is a fake product (Buyer shall provide prove of receiving fake products)
  4. By any chance Buyers received missing items and/or lack of items based on order, a replacement and redelivery process of the lacking items shall be performed, but not Return and/or Refund
  5. Any other conditions are not allowed UNLESS upon approval by theDeltus.com management

Steps, Documents & Requirements for Return & Refund

  1. Snap 3 clear photographs of the product to demonstrate wrong, damaged and/or defective product within 48 hours of receiving the product(s)
  2. Email to theDeltus.com personnel at admin@thedeltus.com together with details as below :
    • Name (Company or Buyer’s name)
    • 3 Photographs of wrong, damaged and/or defective product received
    • Description of problem
    • Invoice/Order number
    • Phone number
  3. Our Personnel will get in touch with you once received your Return & Refund application submission to clarify the situation
  4. Buyer may choose whether to Return and Exchange for an exact same (non-damaged and non-defective) product, or to receive Refund. Final decision shall be made by theDeltus.com management depending on situation
  5. Once approved and upon agreed decision, our Supplier will arrange a delivery timing for replacement of product (if Return) and reimbursement of payment through Credit Term (if Refund)

Uncollected/Bounced Parcel

DHL is the appointed Courier Service provider company to handle theDeltus.com’s courier and shipping services. For uncollected and bounced parcel, please refer to DHL policy [here] or contact us directly at our email : admin@thedeltus.com

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