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Toning Green Coffee Body Scrub


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Suitable for : Slimming, Skin Tightening, Cellulite, Toning

Brand: Tanamera Tropical Spa Sdn. Bhd. Category:

Tanamera Toning Green Coffee body scrub is especially formulated with green coffee extract and the phytocomplex of  Bladderwrack, Ivy and Meadowsweet to help tone loose and flabby skin, reduce the appearance of cellulite and at the same time shape the body to a slimmer silhouette.

1.    Scoop 80 grams of scrub (2 tbsp of paste) into a bowl. Make sure that the oil and salt/sugar is properly mixed.

2.    Wet the skin by spraying warm water on the skin using a spray bottle. Apply scrub and start scrubbing in parts. Only expose parts that you want to scrub.

3.   The salt/sugar will dissolve as you scrub providing that the skin is kept wet. You can do this by continuously spraying water on the skin.

4.   Rinse off excess scrub, than pat dry with dry towel.

§  It is advisable to avoid areas with open wound since the salt can sting.

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